Day 2 – Epcot


A student commented to me today that in addition to a trip to Florida, I’m getting a free Psych course. It’s already changed the way I’m looking at this whole experience.



Students are keeping track of how Disney presents itself and how they’ve accomplished running such a successful business model for decades, as well as watching each of the guests, staff and themselves in this type of environment. One thing that’s really taken off is the phenomenon that at times, one thinks more people are watching them than actually are — it’s called the “Spotlight Effect.” For example, if you’ve got a really bad hair day, you’re bound to think everyone you pass on the street is staring at you. In reality, they probably didn’t notice.

Students have taken to calling out “Spotlight Effect!” any time one of them slips or trips or stumbles.


They’ve taken to analyzing everything — the placement of guard rails on rides, how the audio on rides can’t be heard on other rides, how far away trash cans are from each other, why they phrase things certain ways, the convenient technology of our wristbands that open doors and act as a ticket into the parks or onto rides, to watch out for people with strollers because they’ll probably run you over. All things that are part of the Disney experience.




I’ve got to go to bed now, we have a leadership conference very early tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for more!


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