Day 3 – Hollywood Studios

Good leadership is an intangible thing. It’s sort of like confidence — you know when somebody displays those qualities, and it often seems to come naturally.


Our conference today was all about leadership. Students had a chance to enter the Hollywood Studios before it opened to the public. They got the opportunity to take charge of different tasks and lead their peers in some exercises before getting a tour behind the scenes of the costume shop at Hollywood Studios.




One of the best examples of leadership during this conference though has been right with us at Manchester the whole time — Marcie and Rusty Coulter-Kern.

“Their enthusiasm makes it so much more fun,” Ashley Kann, a Psychology and Business major from Warsaw said. “They don’t mind taking the extra [time] out of the day to teach us.”

Michael Boards, a senior Psychology major from Indianapolis has been taking classes with the Coulter-Kerns since his sophomore year.

“They’ve honestly prepared us really well for grad school,” he said. “I’ll be able to go into grad school and start my own research projects with no problems at all.”


Also, quick shout-out to our wonderfully snarky server Elizabeth at the Prime Time Cafe!


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